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I love it when I have the opportunity to work with a client who also happens to be a mental health care provider. I have a special place in my heart for my fellow clinicians as clients. This is because over the years, all of us have experienced compassion fatigue from our jobs in one form or another. Yet, often our own mental health is placed on the back burner. We've seen our friends in the field experience career changes and even job loss. Protect your job, your mental health, and your personal life. Acknowledge the fact that sometimes we need help too. As a Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator I provide counseling in this area. Post secondary trauma can occur in the therapeutic relationship, which can often trigger our own trauma history. Attending to and resolving our own issues is part of our responsibility, not only mental health professionals, but as participants in our own lives.

Our work together can be done without any diagnosis, and can be confidential from any insurance company or employer. I can meet with you over webcam in your office behind your own closed door or in my office with a private entrance and exit for added confidentiality. I am available to work with you for months or just a few sessions, however much you need to keep doing what you do best.

I am also credentialed as an Approved Clinical Supervisor and have experience supervising students, interns, new graduates, and those individuals with the ACMHC license. If you are in need of a Clinical Supervisor, please contact me.

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