For Professionals

I understand what it is like to spend your days helping others. I also know what it is like to sometimes spend nights worrying or dreaming about some of the difficult circumstances you have heard about and seen.

So who helps you?

I can, and am happy too!!

I invite helping professionals to come see me to address issues of Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Traumatization, and Burnout. These are symptoms that not only impair you professionally, but negatively impact you personally as well.

I can provide you with testing and counseling focused on improving not only your professional resiliency, but your personal resiliency as well. Taking this important self-care step can help you be your best at work, improve your ability to handle work stress, and promote positive quality of life outside of work.

In addition to regular office hours, I offer HIPAA secure web-cam sessions that you can participate in from the privacy and convenience of your home or office.

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