For Individuals

One of the greatest predictors of therapy success depends on how effectively a therapist can join with their client and create a space in which unconditional warmth, support and respect is present. My down-to-earth, informal, and somatically based therapeutic approach enables me to be a grounding and compassionate presence with my clients. From here we are able to form a strong therapeutic alliance where it feels safe and comfortable for you to trust and be open, and thus enabling you to learn skills and promote the positive growth and changes that you want to happen. I look forward to becoming your best ally in helping you to connect with your wellbeing and source of personal integrity. I am passionate and skilled in collaborating with individuals to help them address challenges, navigate difficult life transitions, and find emotional balance.

If you currently struggling with a life crisis, looking for extra support and guidance regarding a particular issue, or simply feel that you need a “safe place in the world” please contact me by email or phone. I am happy to schedule an initial session with you, or simply start with a 10 minute phone consultation. During this time we can talk a bit more about your needs, go over scheduling and payment options, and touch on an additional resources that might be helpful to you. I look forward to connecting with you.

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